Read Dave Portnoy Comprehensive a reaction to Accusations to be a ‘Sexual Deviant’

Read Dave Portnoy Comprehensive a reaction to Accusations to be a ‘Sexual Deviant’

Barstool Sports president Dave Portnoy refused allegations produced by two lady that he have non-consensual gender with them—including one lady whom mentioned she ended up being therefore depressed after sleeping with him that she had to be hospitalized.

On Thursday, Business Insider reported that multiple unnamed women have satisfied up with Portnoy at their Nantucket home and allegedly engaged in intimate experiences that transformed violent and embarrassing. One accuser expressed experience like a “human intercourse doll” and therefore she ended up being “literally yelling in serious pain,” while another woman mentioned she became disheartened concise where their mommy known as authorities.

Portnoy refuted he is actually engaged in sexual run which was non-consensual. The guy mentioned in an 11-minute videos uploaded on Twitter that very first time he had been conscious of things “unseemly” regarding the two activities ended up being whenever the businesses Insider section ended up being posted.

The guy accused the reporter of establishing a story before actually composing this article and expenses several months digging until she found stories that suit the bit she wished to write.

The Barstool Sporting events president provided direct information with among the many women from once they slept collectively, using it as facts that this lady allegations against him weren’t true. He mentioned he had absolutely no way to show his purity inside the more encounter because it had been a “he said/she stated” condition.

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Look for their full response below:

Okay, thus, Business Insider ultimately released the hit piece that has been eight several months within the generating on me. Maybe not the regular hit section. Maybe not the typical products about jokes we made, video clips we’ve generated, factors we have now complete at Barstool. It is much more major allegations. Portraying me personally, painting myself actually as a sexual deviant. Major sh*t. Very, solicitors were conversing with me personally, boards, ‘you should say this, you should not claim that.’ Listen, I ignored anything they mentioned. I will manage the things I always carry out. I’m simply going to tell the truth. Capture through the stylish and reveal just how i’m and in which I’m at.

No written comments, no preplanned situations, merely me becoming myself. It is struggled to obtain me for two decades and I also inform the reality.

Let’s start out with that I’m not surprised this short article came out. I didn’t know what might possibly be inside however for eight period i have had each and every female I’ve been remotely connected with, girls i understand, girls I’ve hooked up with, babes I don’t know, women which have published Tik Tok’s about myself becoming like, ‘Hey simply heads-up there’s a reporter searching around generally asking regarding your intimate habits. Generally like, features he complete nothing dirty to you? Really does he you will need to allow you to try this? All attempting to make they seem like the storyline had been composed like they truly are trying to portray your a specific ways.’ I’ve tons of babes who possess documented that that has been their own discussion thereupon reporter.

Now, we however is like due to the fact several months passed maybe this may never come-out because I’m very confident in myself personally. I understand i have never ever completed things strange with a woman ever before. Never ever such a thing remotely nonconsensual thus I is wishing possibly she only couldn’t find it. It turned apparent she was going to continue steadily to dig and dig and search whether it got four several months, eight months or eight many years to meet the woman narrative she got currently selected before she even going this article.

From day one, I’m not sure the reason why she decided to take action, i am aware terminate tradition has been coming for me personally for ten years, this is just the following iteration. But she understood what she would create and she was going to get the narrative to match they from time one. First and foremost, let us get to the two accusations which are jarring assuming I review them unsure me personally, I would wind up as he belongs behind taverns fundamentally.

1st allegation is largely a woman that found my house in Nantucket last July. Like annually and one half in the past and it is saying we’d sex it absolutely was thus rough she was actually shouting sobbing in pain, ‘stop, quit,’ she recalls right after which like two days later on reached out over the lady buddy and stated she decided a sex doll during sex. Centered on that definition of the tale i might posses positively zero concept whom we’re speaking about.

However, it mentioned July there was actually a passing having said that she slept on my couch after we connected. That part, the settee parts, and once you understand whenever it was, there’s only 1 girl i really could ever remember just who slept on a couch and never with me. As we have spoken for 30 days . 5 on the internet and I liked her, I was thinking she was really appealing, pretty, stunning, engaging lady and that’s why she came but i actually do bear in mind any female sleep throughout the chair. Thus I moved and checked our very own past DMs and that component that states she achieved , ‘hey pizza guy’ and I also attained out ‘hey travel b***h.’ I’d haven’t ever respected that We mentioned ‘fly b***h,’ I don’t declare that. She was dressed in a ‘hey travel b***h shirt or ‘fly b***h clothing whenever she 1st DMed myself that is certainly the way I reacted, whatever.

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